Dutty Free Diesel

Duty free Diesel, gasoil, super unleaded fuel, etc. Delivered directly by truck to your boat and whatever its size and the capacity of its reservoir are,in addition your unit will be supplied with fuel at the best rates.All the waiting will be minimized thanks to all of connections we have.


First of all we offer the most diverse catalogue of local and imported food.Secondly for a good stay in your yacht you will need good wine and beverage products you will find anywhere in Sarande.


Let us take care of your berth reservations before you arrive.For example everything will be settled since we have strong contacts with all of the major marinas and shipyards in the area, and can often secure that hard to find slot in the high season.Besides that for boats that are staying off-season we can often negotiate a discount on the berth of your choice or recommend cost-effective alternatives to the main marinas.



In order to provide you with smooth arrival and to shorten a clearance time please notify us at least 24 hours prior your  arrivalby contacting at :

Sunny Holidays Albania is more than happy to provide a quality service when it comes to yachts.First of all we are ready to negotiate for your comfort with all the marina officers.Secondly we will take care of all your paperwork when it comes to customs.In addition parking place will be ensured.Also berth will be provided to you by one of our agents.All this to make you comfortable.

Our company wants you all to enjoy your holidays and do nothing.This is exactly why you came here for.To have relaxing holidays doing nothing.Finally let us take care of everything.You will be ensured that at the end of your stay in Saranda you will be pleased by the quality of our service.