Travel Agency

We are a Travel Agency based in Sarande Albania.We provide what we think  is more needed. Also we are professional and punctual in every aspect of fulfilling your requests.Our goal is to combine the talented professionals and the resources we have.By doing so we make the service you get unforgettable.

About Us

The Sunny Holidays travel agency ,was founded in 2009 in Sarande , Albania.
It was created as the result of hard work and passion to work in the tourism section. Today after many years of experience ,our travel agency operates with success in tourism offering different services.

When the travel agency was created,our goal was to just deal with holiday tours around our country. Later with time and experience we began to think that it is always better when we can offer complex services.

Today,thanks to collaboration with our partners all around Albania we are able to offer you services such as Tours all around Albania,Car Renting Service,Accommodation Service.

We also provide services for Yachts.We can deal with Yacht bunkering.We can offer dutty free diesel directly to your yacht.Also when needed we can offer supplies for you yacht and advice or deal with customs and berth service.

We believe that every year we are worse than the year coming but better than what we were. We believe in hard work.We believe in experience.

We invite you to try our services and we can promise you will enjoy it.

Feel free to visit our website for more,and dont forget to follow us on the social media.

Our Address

You can find us very easily on the map

Office Address

Road "Mit'hat Hoxha" 9701 Sarande,Albania Near the main Port