Butrinti Tour

Explore an ancient city of more than 2600 years old.A city that has lived through different 5 civilizations.A city that has a lot to tell and much to hide.

From the east coast of Corfu you can almost reach out to the On the other side of the northwestern border of Greece there is located Albania. Although the distance can almost be swum, there is a world of difference between both destinations. Albania is a country only recently discovered by tourism, but is absolutely a country that has a lot to offer. It has beautiful beaches, an unspoiled landscape, very friendly inhabitants, an excellent cuisine, an interesting history and lots of culture

Butrinti and Saranda town

From Corfu town a ferry will take you in about 70 min along the northeast coast of Corfu to Saranda, one of the main cities of southern Albania. Minibuses and/or luxurious cars, together with your guide of that day will be awaiting you in the port.
.On arrival collection and departure to Visit Butrint. One of the best preserved archaeological sites of the Mediterranean area. Walking through this by UNESCO protected National Park, you can see that the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Venetians have left their traces. Highlights are the theatre, which is still used as such a few times a year and the baptistery. After Butrint you will be brought to KARAHAXH area which is a oasis in middle of a valley for lunch time.After the lunch departure to the centre of town for shopping souvenir gifts and cafe break. Return to the port, departure from pier to Corfu

10:00 Departure from Corfu
11:00 Arrival Saranda port . (local time Albania)
11:05 Depart from the port area.
11:30 Arrival to Butrinti
11:40 Start visit the Ancient City
13:00 End of visit the Castle.
13:30 Lunch time in Karahaxh
14:30 End of launch time
14:50 arrival down town Saranda
17:15 End of sight seen
17:15 Depart to Saranda
18:00 Departure to Corfu
19:00 Greek local time arrival to Corfu ( Greek time is + 1GTM)